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Primeleaf Consulting [P] Ltd. announces availability of KRYSTAL DMS 3.0 -- Standard Edition

Mumbai May 20, 2009

Primeleaf today announces the availability of the latest versions of its web-based document management system, KRYSTAL DMS 3.0 -- Standard Edition. Included in the release is

Auto Complete Indexes

Document searching is now even more simpler with the use of latest Web 2.0 (AJAX) based auto complete features. The same feature help users to quickly upload new documents with indexes available in the DMS.

Recycle Bin

KRYSTAL DMS 3.0 - Standard Edition is now comes equipped with Recycle Bin facilities. Administrators can easily view and restore the documents deleted by the users in a single click.

Advanced Document Class Statistics

Advanced statistics are provided to the user to view the documents created in last one day, one week , one month and one year.

Document Class Storage Size

Administrators can easily identify the storage needs by checking the size of the documents in a document class.

The latest version provides rich user interface and easy navigation. KRYSTAL DMS is bundled with enhanced KRYSTAL Document Viewer 2.5 , a product that provides secure and faster document retrieval with annotation and rubberstamp capabilities.

Primeleaf helps enterprises reduce redundancy, eliminate errors, & save significant amounts of time and money through KRYSTAL DMS, an intuitive, robust & web based document management system software. Primeleaf helps companies access paper documents to electronic documents stored in designated folders, defined by document classes, indexed with metadata, and accessible via a web browser.

This latest release includes new features based on customer requests and delivers significant improvements in performance and flexibility.

Primeleaf's software solutions are used across a range of industry sectors including Consulting, Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Creative and Public sectors. Primeleaf has a growing customer base ranging from SME's to Multi-Nationals.


About Primeleaf Consulting

Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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