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KRYSTALDMS -- Standard Edition Version 5.0 is released.

Mumbai, June 28, 2012

Primeleaf Consulting today announce the availability of the new and improved KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition Version 5.0.

Each new release of KRYSTALDMS brings new features and product improvements. The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in the KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition Version 5.0 release that support the implementation of the paperless office.

Included in this release is :

NEW - Move Document Feature

Users can now move a document from one document class to another using this new feature of the system. Users can move the initial version of the document along with all matching index fields from one document class to another.

NEW & Enhanced - User Interface

The latest version provides rich user interface and easy navigation. The new workspace screen allows users to access document classes, document views (DocViews), bookmarks etc from single location.

Document class usage statistics are now displayed in graphs to enhance management view of the system.

NEW & Enhanced - Browser Support

The following browsers are supported in KRYSTALDMS -- Standard Edition Version 5.0 :

  • Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Mozilla FireFox 4.0 and 5.0
  • Google Chrome 10.x to 13.x
  • Safari 5.1 (Tested on Windows & Mac both)

NEW & Enhanced - Tomcat 6.0 Engine

KRYSTALDMS -- Standard Edition Version 5.0 now comes equipped with Tomcat 6.0.

Primeleaf helps enterprises reduce redundancy, eliminate errors, & save significant amounts of time and money through KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition, an intuitive, robust & web based document management system software. Primeleaf helps companies access paper documents to electronic documents stored in designated folders, defined by document classes, indexed with metadata, and accessible via a web browser.

This latest release includes new features based on customer requests and delivers significant improvements in performance, flexibility, and security.

Primeleaf's software solutions are used across a range of industry sectors including Consulting, Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Creative and Public sectors. Primeleaf has a growing customer base ranging from SME's to Multi-Nationals.


About KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition

KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition is a future ready document management system that provide various document management features. It is easy to use, powerful and cost-effective document management software that allows companies to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.

KRYSTALDMS - Standard Edition addresses the needs of many vertical markets, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, utilities, universities, and government agencies.

About Primeleaf Consulting

Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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