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Primeleaf Consulting announces Version 2014 for KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition

Mumbai, June 23, 2014

Primeleaf Consulting today announces a new major version update of KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise and Standard Edition. The new and improved version 2014 promises exciting new features and is more user friendly, and efficient. The new version focuses on automation for day to day tasks of Document Management.

Each new release of KRYSTAL DMS brings new features and product improvements. The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in the KRYSTAL DMS - 2014 Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition release that support the implementation of the paperless office. This version is in line with Primeleaf's commitment to provide the best features to the customers at an affordable price.

Included in this release is:

NEW - Completely Responsive Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites or web based applications to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors)

KRYSTAL DMS is now completely responsive and built with bootstrap framework of twitter. Users will now be able to perform functions such as retrieve documents, search for documents, and upload new documents with great ease using any of the devices from anywhere at any time.

NEW - Indian & International Language Support

End users will now be able to store document meta data (indexes) and all other information (Both in Enterprise and Standard Edition) not just in English language but also in Indian languages like HINDI (हिन्दी), Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) , Marathi (मराठी), Tamil (தமிழ்), Telugu (తెలుగు) along with international languages like Chinese, French , Italian, Africans etc.

NEW - Unique Indexes & Default Values for Indexes

Indexes associated with a Document can now be marked as unique and can have a default value. This will help users to reduce the task of tagging repetitive index values for documents uploaded in bulk or document uploaded via import locations (In Enterprise Edition).

NEW - Import Locations for each Document Class (Enterprise Edition)

Administrators can configure Import Locations (drop folder / watched folder) for each Document Class from where the documents will be automatically picked up and stored periodically without any human intervention. Various ERP System or existing business applications can generate documents which can be stored directed in these import locations from where it will be automatically archived in KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition.

NEW - Automated Jobs (Enterprise Edition)

Administrators can now schedule new automated jobs like Document Importer, Full Text Extraction, Document Expiration Notification etc. which will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the overall document management process.

Enhanced - Document Expiration Notification

Users can receive notification for expiring documents in user configurable duration or period. Administrators can set the expiry notification period for each document class and now it is not restricted to 7 days.

Enhanced - Announcements, Discussions, Events (Enterprise Edition)

Administrator users can now share the announcements, discussions and events across one or more domains by just selecting the domains while creating or editing.

Enhanced - Document Viewing

Improved KRYSTAL Document Viewer is not bundled with this version of the product where users can view the document and simultaneously take action on the document. The Document Viewer now also supports dynamic view of the annotations in thumbnail view of the document.

Enhanced - Document Sharing

Users will now be able to share documents using single click with multiple recipients. Users can view the document and share with multiple people by entering comma separated email address of each recipient.

Enhanced - User Profile

Users will be able to view his /her profile and upload profile picture. This will provide a personal touch to users Document Management experience.

Enhanced - Web Services APIs

Integrate deeper into KRYSTAL™ DMS using enhanced Web Services APIs that allows users to add, search and retrieve documents from document management repository.


In addition to the new features, Primeleaf has made significant changes and updates to its underlying technologies that build on the existing high performance, scalability and reliability that the KRYSTAL DMS - platform is known for.

The new version answers a critical business need in the area of accessibility, compliance and collaboration. It provides easy-to-understand functions relevant to business operations and preservation of information, so that companies can easily manage their documents and improve their core business processes.

Upgrades for the software are available now. Customers on a support and maintenance agreement with Primeleaf receive all updates to the KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition software at no additional cost.

To learn more about KRYSTAL DMS - 2014 Version visit or call +91 22 2447 3371 / 72 / 73 (ext 17)


About KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition

KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition is a future ready document management system that provides various document management features. It is easy to use, powerful and cost-effective document management software that allows companies to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.

KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition addresses the needs of many vertical markets, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, utilities, universities, and government agencies.

About KRYSTAL DMS - Standard Edition

KRYSTAL DMS - Standard Edition is a future ready document management system that provides various document management features. It is easy to use, powerful and cost-effective document management software that allows companies to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.

About Primeleaf Consulting

Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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Head Marketing & Sales
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