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Primeleaf Consulting [P] Ltd. announces availability of KRYSTAL DMS 2.2 -- Enterprise Edition

Mumbai November 2, 2006

Primeleaf today announces the availability of the latest versions of its enterprise document management system, KRYSTAL DMS 2.2 -- Enterprise Edition. Included in the release is

Subscription and Notifications: User can now subscribe to various events of document classes like Batch Import, Document Creation, Index Changes, Addition of new version of document, and Document Deletion and will get notified by email.

Task Lists: Use the tasks list to assign a task to a member of your team, specify its due date and priority, and indicate its status and progress. You can easily view all tasks or a selection of tasks, such as just those tasks assigned to you.

Events Lists: Use an events list to post information about dates that are important for your team.

Announcements Lists: Use an announcements list to post news, status, and other short bits of information you want to share with team members. You can set an expiration date for an announcement.

Discussion Boards: Discussion boards provide a forum for conversing about topics that interest your team. For example, you could create a discussion board for team members to propose and discuss team activities.

KRYSTAL DMS now supports following languages

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German

This version of KRYSTAL DMS also allows ADMINISTRATORS to add indexes to document classes at any point in time after its creation. Document attachment support is now improved and users can view all attachments directly from hit-list

The latest version provides rich user interface and easy navigation. KRYSTAL DMS is bundled with enhanced KRYSTAL Document Viewer , a product that provides secure and faster document retrieval with annotation and rubberstamp capabilities.

From this version KRYSTAL DMS is based on named user licenses and does not allow concurrent user logins. Same user cannot login to KRYSTAL DMS simultaneously from more than one location.

Primeleaf helps enterprises reduce redundancy, eliminate errors, & save significant amounts of time and money through KRYSTAL DMS, an intuitive, robust & web based document management system software. Primeleaf helps companies access paper documents to electronic documents stored in designated folders, defined by document classes, indexed with metadata, and accessible via a web browser.

This latest release includes new features based on customer requests and delivers significant improvements in performance and flexibility.

New features in KRYSTAL DMS 2.2 -- Enterprise Edition include:

  • Subscriptions and notifications
  • Task lists
  • Events lists
  • Announcements list
  • Discussion boards
  • System Reports
  • New URL API for .NET 2.0 Framework
  • Enhanced language support
  • Improved attachment functionality
  • Concurrent user login restrictions
  • Improved attachment functionality



KRYSTAL DMS is easy to use, powerful and cost-effective document management software that allows companies to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.

About Primeleaf Consulting

Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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