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Primeleaf Consulting announces Version 2018 for KRYSTAL Document Management System

Mumbai, February 16, 2018

Today we announce the release of much awaited version of KRYSTAL DMS. After almost one and half month in this new year 2018, Primeleaf Consulting is ready to deliver the new version (12.0) of KRYSTAL DMS named KRYSTAL DMS - 2018.

The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in the KRYSTAL DMS - 2018 release that support the implementation of the paperless office. This version is in line with Primeleaf's commitment to provide the best features to the customers at an affordable price.

Included in this release is:

Value Based Authorization NEW

The earlier version of KRYSTAL DMS provides authorization based on actions only, now with new release, administrators can assign access to the users bases on the index fields associated with a document.

Administrators can now assign access to specific documents to specific users based on index values assigned to the document. This will enhance the security and maintenance of the Documents within a document class. Users now need not access multiple document classes which are stored based on different categories or meta-data fields.

Signature Annotation NEW (Enterprise Edition Only)

Users of the system can now draw an electronic signature using the new Signature Annotation feature or upload existing scanned signature on the document.

Document Viewer for HTML and EML files NEW(Enterprise and Premium Edition Only)

The built-in Document Viewer of KRYSTAL DMS now supports on-line viewing of HTML as well as EML (Email) files.

Workflow Case Assignments NEW(Enterprise Edition Only)

Users can now assign the cases assigned to self to other users in a workflow process if the current workflow activity configured for the same.

Document-less workflow definitions NEW(Enterprise Edition Only)

Administrators can now configure workflow templates which do not use documents. Workflow cases can now be started without documents if it is configured as a document-less workflow

In addition to the new features, Primeleaf has made significant changes and updates to its underlying technologies that build on the existing high performance, scalability and reliability that the KRYSTAL DMS - platform is known for.

The new version answers a critical business need in the area of accessibility, compliance and collaboration. It provides easy-to-understand functions relevant to business operations and preservation of information, so that companies can easily manage their documents and improve their core business processes.

Upgrades for the software are available now. Customers on a support and maintenance agreement with Primeleaf receive all updates to the KRYSTAL DMS software at no additional cost.

To learn more about KRYSTAL DMS - 2018 Version visit or call +91 22 2447 3371 / 72 / 73 (ext 16)


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