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KRYSTAL DMS 2018 Release 2 is available.

Mumbai, July 2, 2018

Today we announce the release of enhanced version of KRYSTAL DMS 2018. Primeleaf Consulting is ready to deliver the new version (12.2) of KRYSTAL DMS named KRYSTAL DMS - 2018 Release 2 of all its product variants.

The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in the KRYSTAL DMS - 2018 Release 2 that support the implementation of the paperless office. This version is in line with Primeleaf's commitment to provide the best features to the customers at an affordable price.

Included in this release is:

Web Scanning & Capture - AddOn Module NEW (Enterprise Edition Only)

This add-on module provides users with facilities to scan and upload documents directly from with-in KRYSTAL DMS interface.

End users will have the most flexibility on browsers: Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Edge; Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari on Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and Mac OS X. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit browsers and systems.

It is also enabled with security features, such as data encryption, storing scanned images in memory for HIPAA compliance, and HTTPs uploading and downloading, ensure your data is safe.

Brute Force Attack Prevention NEW

KRYSTAL DMS users can now actively protect systems against repeated unsuccessful login attempts, known as "brute force" login attacks.

It is possible to now to enable brute force login protection on your KRYSTAL DMS Application server by detecting repeated authentication failures in application logs. Once repeated login failures have been detected, you can set up an automated system to ban access to your server from that user for specific amount of time and lockout the account.

For more information on how to configure an automated approach to this kind of login prevention, refer to Administrators Guide

Document Class Dashboard NEW

KRYSTAL DMS users can now access a pre-configured Dashboard for each Document Class. Complete details about the document and workflow cases associated with document class are depicted in this new module of KRYSTAL DMS

It provides users with infomration such as Document Created by Date, Documents Expiring by Date, Document Created by Users, Workflow Cases in progress and completed and many more details.

Sharing Documents with Annotations NEW (Enterprise Edition Only)

Users with share permissions can now share documents which are viewable in KRYSTAL Document Viewer along with annotations. Documents are automatically converted to PDF format and sent as an Email attachment to recipent with all annotations drawn on the document.


Three new reports are available now to the administrators of KRYSTAL DMS

  • Document Download Report
  • Document Printed Report
  • Document Emailed(Shared) Report

Administrators can use these reports to determine how any documents are downloaded, printed or shared by users within specific period from a specific document class.


Couple of new utilites are available to the administrators of KRYSTAL DMS

  • Manage Checkouts
  • Unlock Workflow Case (Enterprise Edition Only)

Technogloy Stack Upgrades

In addition to the new features, Primeleaf has made significant changes and updates to its underlying technologies that build on the existing high performance, scalability and reliability that the KRYSTAL DMS - platform is known for.

We have upgraded the underlying technology stack so that now KRYSTAL DMS

  • Supports JAVA 10
  • Comes bundled with Tomcat 9.x
  • Optimized Search Engine Performance


The new version answers a critical business need in the area of accessibility, compliance and collaboration. It provides easy-to-understand functions relevant to business operations and preservation of information, so that companies can easily manage their documents and improve their core business processes.

Upgrades for the software are available now. Customers on a support and maintenance agreement with Primeleaf receive all updates to the KRYSTAL DMS software at no additional cost.

To learn more about KRYSTAL DMS - 2018 Release 2 visit or call +91 22 2447 3371 / 72 / 73 (ext 16)


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