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KRYSTAL DMS Major Version 2019 has been Released.

Mumbai, January 3, 2019

Primeleaf Consulting, the leading Indian document management software company has recently announced launch of new version 2019 for its KRYSTAL DMS Standard, Premium, and Enterprise Editions. The latest version improves performance and offers even greater ease-of-use.

Rahul Kubadia - Chief Software Architect, Primeleaf Consulting, said "KRYSTAL DMS is ever growing document management solution for businesses who requires simple-to-use solution that put all their business critical documents at their fingertips and keep them accessible for compliance and audit.

Some of the highlighted new features and enhancements are:

Barcode & QRCode Index Fields NEW (Enterprise Edition & Premium Edition Only)

New index type introduced in KRYSTAL DMS 2019 Enterprise and Premium Edition that automatically read the barcode from uploaded document and populates the requried meta-data index field.

Sharing Documents with Internal Users NEW (Enterprise Edition & Premium Edition Only)

Users can now share document with other users using Share Document feature available in KRYSTAL DMS 2019. User with Email Permissions can share the document with one or more users and also track and remove the share access.

Electronic Signatures Enhanced (Enterprise Edition Only)

Users can now upload existing electronic signature images in their profile and apply the same on the required documents in KRYSTAL DMS 2019 Document Viewer

Rubber Stamp Annotation on All Pages Enhanced

Users can now apply Rubber Stamps to all pages of the document in single click in the enahanced document viewer of KRYSTAL DMS 2019

Password Reset Feature Upgrade Enhanced

KRYSTAL DMS no longer generates password for users using Forgot Password module. User now receive a password reset link on his/her registered email address that is valid for 24 hours to reset the password manually.

Technogloy Stack Upgrades

In addition to the new features, Primeleaf has made significant changes and updates to its underlying technologies that build on the existing high performance, scalability and reliability that the KRYSTAL DMS - platform is known for.

We have upgraded the underlying technology stack so that now KRYSTAL DMS

  • Supports JAVA 11
  • Comes bundled with Tomcat 9.x
  • Optimized Search Engine Performance


The new version answers a critical business need in the area of accessibility, compliance and collaboration. It provides easy-to-understand functions relevant to business operations and preservation of information, so that companies can easily manage their documents and improve their core business processes.

Upgrades for the software are available now. Customers on a support and maintenance agreement with Primeleaf receive all updates to the KRYSTAL DMS software at no additional cost.

To learn more about KRYSTAL DMS - 2019 visit or call +91 22 2447 3371 / 72 / 73 (ext 12)


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Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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