Access Control

Robust and flexible document access control

Robust and flexible document security adds confidence that all information in repositories is secure and accessible only to those who are authorized.

Maintain your own data with complete flexibility to manage authentication credentials and to grant privileges on a user, group or role basis.

Document encryption is supported for business processes involving sensitive information. It uses ACL Templates for access control. ACL Templates is a smart and easy way to manage the system permission. Administrator can create various ACL Templates and assign rights to these templates for public, users, groups and roles and associate with a Document Class

Access Control features

  • Users access only documents that administrators want them to access.
  • Simple and easy to use ACL Templates
  • Permissions basis a Document Class or Workflow Process
  • Granular level permissions for read, write, create, delete, print, check-in, check-out,download, email
  • Domain level classifications and access for document classes


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