Full Text Indexing

Search content, not files

KRYSTAL Document Management System search engine provides a fast, powerful way to find documents in the document repository which saves time and ultimately reduces cost.

It includes full-text indexing of all documents to provide real-time, instant search results based on the content of files along with meta-data or index searches

For each document uploaded to the repository, all unique words are indexed, or recorded, as associated content meta-data. The search engine queries against these values to rapidly search content across a wide variety of document types.

The KRYSTAL Document Management System software can extract the content; essentially 'reading', from all file types including PDF, Microsoft Office, Zip and many, many more. Users can restrict the area of the repository when searching, for example searching by domain, by the type of document, by author, by creation date, by approval status and any other meta-data search parameter.

Full-Text Indexing features

  • Full-text indexing occurs as a background process and only consumes server resources when they are available, ensuring rapid server response for users.
  • Indexing of unique words and phrases into a database table makes searching across thousands of documents nearly instantaneous.
  • TIFF image OCR technology allows full-text searching of scanned and electronic fax documents along with images and PDF files


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