Document Search

Quick search & instant retrieval

Search and retrieve documents instantly using integrated document search technology in KRYSTAL DMS.

Find what you need using Full-text and meta-data Based search. The document management software allows users to save simple or advanced search queries as Saved Searches called DocViews.

Full-text document searches on content or on any selection of meta-data returns immediate document search results. Search criteria can include everything from document indexes or meta-data information to document id and file type. Document searches are fast and results are returned instantly.

Electronic document searching is a significant advantage in document management systems over shared-file servers, where information is hard to find, often duplicated, and easily deleted or lost.

Search features

  • Full-text search the content of electronic documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point), PDFs, OCR content from scanned documents, and more.
  • Find documents instantly using a variety of search criteria. Search results are returned immediately as Document Hit-list.
  • Search on user-defined meta-data (index) information.
  • Search on file information such as type, creation date, created by, date ranges, and more.
  • Save custom searches so that they can be re-used, and share saved searches (Public DocViews) with others.
  • Search globally across all domains (repositories) using single unified search control


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