Enterprise Edition - Workflow System

Why Workflow?

The biggest challenge of all business processes is connecting of every single document with its environment. The modern business system should give user answers to questions of how, by who, when, and in what context is a document created and, what might be even more important, what happens with it afterwards.

When businesses search for an EDMS, what they really want is a system that can cope with their documents and electronic information about them in a clear way. A big scanner that converts papers in e-documents is not enough for them. This solves only the problem of storing documents. What is expected from EDMS is an efficient way of providing a material link between a document and corresponding client, employee or any business process information.

A successful workflow solution automates the paper shuffle, effectively routing information to appropriate person(s) while being flexible enough to handle exceptions to the rules. It saves time and money by reducing photocopying, hand delivery and repetitive dragging and dropping. It automatically reminds staff of required tasks and notifies supervisors of action and inaction. It treats your staff not as stations along an assembly line, but as responsible knowledge workers whose time is better spent making decisions than making copies.

KRYSTAL DMS - Workflow System

Workflow tries to eliminate the deficiencies associated with a complex business process. It automates the management of activities and distribution of tasks to different entities. It monitors and schedules tasks over the life of a process. Each task can have an associated content in the form of document, information, issues, tasks, work orders bug/defect and reports. It has an inbuilt time mechanism which makes notification and escalation of tasks very efficient.

Workflow System Consists Of Two Basic Parts

KRYSTAL DMS Modelling Component

Modelling component enables analysts to define processes and activities and assign them to various performers including system users and groups. System activities can be configured to have an application which can exchange information with external systems. One can also define the interaction between various activities including use of triggers and notifications. Process is modeled using XPDL, a standard defined by The Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC).

KRYSTAL DMS Execution Component

The execution component provides an execution environment for the process designed by the modeling component. It also provides an interface for end-users for completing their tasks. The execution component can be seen as sitting on top of other systems in an organization often exchanging information with them. It is responsible for a number of functions like authorization, authentication, scheduling, monitoring, event processing, queues, prioritization, escalation, load balancing, task termination and auditing.

Workflow System Features

  • Business Automation
  • Content Routing
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Integration with External System
  • Notifications and Escalations
  • Audit trail
  • Reports
  • Graphical Designers
  • Standards Based


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