Premium Edition - Document Management Web Services APIs

An Overview

KRYSTAL Document Management System provides a full Web Services APIs(SOAP APIs) that allows developers to develop custom solutions based on the KRYSTAL Document Management Software and integrate it with existing in-house applications or 3rd party application systems.

Using these Web Services APIs, developers will be able create new applications and integrate existing applications into KRYSTAL - DMS. These APIs allow developers to perform functions such as document retreivals, searching of documents, and uploading new documents with great ease and speed.

Features & Advantages

  • Platform Independent for calling applications
  • Calling applications can be remote
  • Integration of existing applications to KRYSTAL Document Management System
  • Custome Development and Quick Integration
  • Build GUI or Web based applications that accesses KRYSTAL - DMS

The complete definition of this web service is available directly from your KRYSTAL - DMS instance at http(s)://<your_server>:<port_no>/services/DMSService.

You will also have access to the WSDL document, that will allow your development environment to automatically create all the appropriate proxy objects to speed-up the development.

For a complete documentation for KRYSTAL - DMS Web Services, please navigate to our Documentation section of this website.


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