Frequently Asked Questions - Document Management

What is Document Management?

Document Management is the process of managing documents through their lifecycle. From inception through creation, review, storage and dissemination all the way to their archival or weeding out.

How will KRYSTAL benefit my organization?

KRYSTAL is complete web-based solution. An organization can manage and share documents electronically in a distributed environment using KRYSTAL suite of products. KRYSTAL empowers your organization by :

  • Reducing COSTS through process streamlining
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory COMPLIANCE
  • Enabling employee, partner and customer COLLABORATION

With KRYSTAL, enterprises have the ability to manage mission-critical information to make better decisions while reducing costs and improving productivity

What Document Formats KRYSTAL Support?

KRYSTAL allows users to create, manage, share and distribute any form of electronic document using any desktop software or tool. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs, engineering documents, drawings, and virtually any other file format can be stored and managed in KRYSTAL. Best of all, it's very easy to use and you can access your documents from anywhere at anytime over the Internet.

KRYSTAL supports Revision control?

The powerful revision control feature allows for an unlimited number of versions of a document to be stored automatically. This feature allows users to revert back to earlier versions of documents with just a few clicks, compare different versions, and even audit changes to their documents. The Revision History tool displays every revision with dates, times and authors

Is there a limit for Document classes and files in KRYSTAL?

KRYSTAL DMS Enterprise edition do not impose any limit to the number of Documents classes and files that you may create and store with any performance penalties. In order to efficiently manage millions of files, the system supports paging on the server and client side. For example, KRYSTAL never lets the server return the whole search result to the client, if the results contain more then a page full of information. This minimizes the server resource, the client resource and communication resource utilization.

Do you have to be a computer genius to operate KRYSTAL?

No. Any person who can operate and use internet / web based application environment will have no trouble quickly accessing the documents they are looking for. Our system is extremely user-friendly and easy to master

What is the price of the full product?

From a starting price of < $ 1500 (INR Rs.75,000), now small businesses too can implement KRYSTAL DMS - Standard Edition. Please contact us directly for detailed price information.

What is the typical time frame for an implementation?

Depending on the scope of your requirements and based on our experience in implementing the product, it may take from 10 days to 5 weeks. The implementation will be affected by the following factors:

  • How many documents to import and the OCR process.
  • Integration with your current infrastructure and applications.
  • Number of users and groups.

How do I store documents in KRYSTAL?

KRYSTAL stores documents in document classes. You need to create a document class first and assign appropriate permissions.

What is Imaging?

Imaging is a method for converting paper documentation into an electronic format, using scanners and associated techniques such as Optical Character Recognition, etc. Through Imaging, paper-based documents are converted to electronic format for introducing in a Document Management System.

Does a digitized document lose its original format or quality when scanned?

No. The document on the screen looks exactly like the original document, including all images, handwritten notes, signatures, etc. However, the quality of the digital document depends on the scanning quality. If you print a well-scanned document, the print copy will look "exactly" the same as original document.

How is KRYSTAL DMS better than the other Document Management Systems?

KRYSTAL is a mature product that has been developed and refined through more than 10 years. During this period, it has been implemented worldwide in a number of organizations across different industries. KRYSTAL meets the high standards of robustness, cost efficiency, scalability, security and ease of use.

Can I see who is performing what action on my documents?

Yes. Audit logs are account of the operations that are performed on the document classes and on individual documents by various users. It helps to establish accountability and estimate the effort of users. The actions for which an audit trail can be viewed are classified as user actions, document class actions and document actions. The details for the specified criteria are displayed for the specified period.

How secure are my documents in KRYSTAL DMS?

KRYSTAL is highly secure system in which each user is assigned unique user ID and password. Users are assigned rights and privileges on document classes. Roles enable the user to perform administrative functions, whereas access rights are the permissions to access modify and delete documents. Also documents are AES encrypted and stored so even if users have access to hard-drive they can not open the document.


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