Subscriptions & Notifications

Instant Notifications to changes

Users can subscribe to document classes of interest and can receive automatic notification via registered email address in the case of any modifications or specified events.

KRYSTAL DMS allows users to subscribe to and to be notified of edits to documents or changes to document classes they have subscribed to. When an existing document is updated or a document is added to a document class, the user receives email notification that the change has occurred, who has changed it, and receives a secure link to directly access the document class

The event subscription feature in KRYSTAL DMS lets administrators and users alike subscribe to a full range of important document and document class related events.

Notification events

  • Document is added
  • Document is edited
  • New version of document is added
  • Document is deleted
  • Document is marked as expired
  • Document is expiring in 7 days


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