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Primeleaf Consulting announces the final release of KRYSTAL Document Management System Version 2017 - Release 4

Mumbai, October 4, 2017

We are really happy to announce the availability of KRYSTAL DMS Version 2017 - Release 4. This step offers many new features, security upgrades and general feature enhancements

Among other features, notable changes include:

Workflow Process Execution Report (Enterprise Edition) NEW

A new report is now available for users who are assigned a role of workflow reporting manager for individual workflow templates. In this report assigend users can get the details of each workflow case along with complete execution timeline for each state of the process

Users will also have facilities to search documents which are still under process in a workflow using this feature of the system.

Configurable instant text extraction on Document upload (Enterprise Edition & Premium Edition) NEW

The content / text extraction from the document is now can be configured via control panel. The extraction can be initiated as soon document is uploaded or it can be deferred.

Announcement Notification via Email NEW

Administrators can now notify the users about any new announcement or update in announcement via Email. Administrators can choose during addition or updatation of announcment whether a mail notification should be sent to the users for each domain.

Utilities - Update Fulltext Content (Enterprise Edition & Premium Edition) NEW

Administrators can update the extracted content of the document using a new utility available under the control panel.

Utilities - Check Effective Permissions NEW

Administrators can now easily identify what effective permissions are assigned to specific user for a particular Document Class / Workflow Template using this utlitiy of KRYSTAL DMS.

Bulk Delete List Items NEW

Administrator users now have facilities to bulk delete list items from within Control Panel of KRYSTAL DMS

Enhanced - My Actioned Workflow Cases (Enterprise Edition)

Users will now have access to all the workflow cases along with status of each workflow case that they have actioned from My Workspace module.

Enhanced - Bulk Upload with Default Index Values

Users can now assign default values for Indexes associated with a Documents while uploading documents in a bulk mode.

Enhanced - Unique Indexes (Enterprise Edition)

KRYSTAL DMS now comes equipped with a feature where Administrators can define multiple index uniqueness for a Document Record.

Enhanced - Performance

In addition to the new features, Primeleaf has made significant changes and updates to its underlying technologies that build on the existing high performance, scalability and reliability that the KRYSTAL DMS - platform is known for.

Upgrades for the software are available now. Customers on a support and maintenance agreement with Primeleaf receive all updates to the KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition software at no additional cost.

About Primeleaf Consulting

Primeleaf Consulting is a software systems development and consulting firm, with exceptional first-hand expertise in enterprise content management and document management software solutions.


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