KRYSTAL DMS is a document management system for everyone. From healthcare firms to construction businesses, it is used across a wide range of industries. It is the preferred choice of small to medium businesses that need solutions for document storage, sharing, security and management.

KRYSTAL DMS has already been adopted by varied industries and have proven to be an enormous cost and labor saver for them. If you too wish to incorporate document management system into your organization, but are unsure if it will fit your industries needs, read the industrial solutions below and find out how some of the leading industries adopted KRYSTAL DMS and are using it successfully.

Industry Solutions

Document Management System for Education


Schools go green, and go paperless Education

Schools, Colleges, Universities, public or private, have large volumes of student records and educational files that must be carefully managed.

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Document Management System for Financial Services

Financial Services

If not paperless then certainly less paper

In financial services business, documents are a core component of business. How financial documents are stored and managed plays a pivotal role.

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Document Management System for Government


Effective and Efficient Document Management

Every organization is challenged to do more with less. Yet government agencies must provide mission-critical capabilities in the face of fiscal pressures while still equipping personnel with the tools they need.

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Document Management System for Healthcare Industry


Electronic healthcare records for hospitals.

Healthcare files, patient notes, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic documents are managed in a secure, electronic healthcare records management system where are searchable and retrievable.

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Document Management System for Legal & LAW Industry

Legal & LAW Industry

Electronic Legal Document Management

Manage forms, pleadings, case files, contracts, and other client and law firm documents electronically so staff and attorneys have instant access to legal records and email messages - from any location.

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Document Management System for Manufacturing Industry


Electronic Manufacturing Document Management

Regardless of your core business, the one thing you can't stop manufacturing is paper. Order forms, invoices, supply requests, employee records, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. often overwhelm your limited resources.

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Document Management System for Property Management

Property Management

Easy and efficient Document Management

Create and manage leases, contracts, notices, and other property records in a property document management system to keep it secure.

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Document Management System for Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit

Quick and simple Document Management

The Non Profit Organization (NPO) has its own unique struggles. You have to watch every paisa going out and coming in very carefully.

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