Case Studies - KIRLOSKAR Electric Company Limited

Document Management System Case Study

KIRLOSKAR Electric Company Limited (KECL) are the leading manufacturer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in India. Established in 1946, Kirloskar Electric Company ushered the indigenous electrical manufacturing industry in India.

Kirloskar Electric produces more than 70 products under 8 different product groups, catering to core sectors of the economy like power generation, transmission and distribution, transportation, and renewable energy, sugar, steel, cement, and allied industries.

Safeguard Intellectual Properties with Easy and Efficient Document Control


KIRLOSKAR Electric Company Limited faced following challenges prior implementing KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition

  • Inconsistent file storage and difficulty in maintaining document versions
  • Difficulty in tracking document revisions (Engineering Drawings) which affected quality and delivery
  • Lack of security, control and accessibility of equipment design documents
  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property of Company
  • Documents scattered among more than 10 different units (manufacturing locations) across the country


One of the most important reasons for KIRLOSKAR Electric Company Limited to choose KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition was its right pricing followed by ease of use and respected industry peer recommendation. They rarely encountered any issues while implementing KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition and were able to adopt the solution very easily and quickly, which further helped them to increase productivity in a very less time and protect their Intellectual Property with in-built security, access control and workflow solution.


The problem area in this organization was working with large numbers of documents, where multiple people worked on similar document, which was difficult to manage. Using KRYSTAL - DMS , KECL now have a unified and central repository of Engineering Drawings and related documents. The workflow solution is used extensively for Release Management along with version control.

These features plus the plethora of other document management and control features have allowed them to improve control and transparency at work. KRYSTAL DMS Enterprise Edition's advanced storage options and easy to use interface helped them transition over to KRYSTAL - DMS filing system easily. Audit trail helped them keep a track of what had been done, by whom and when. Through version control, they can now look into previous versions of any document very easily.

During implementation some challenges were found , But immediately solution was provided and it went smoothly. Also Kirloskar Electric adopted 3 years timely support , So that they will get free upgrade , updates and support for any issues .

After successful implementation of KRYSTAL - DMS for Safeguarding Intellectual Property, Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is evaluating same solution for their old Statutory and Legal records.



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