Case Studies - P D Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Center

Document Management System Case Study

Established in the early 1950's under the leadership of the late Shri P.D. Hinduja, has a vision to deliver quality healthcare. As an ultramodern tertiary care hospital in Mumbai, India it is motivated to lead the pathway to medical excellence with world-class healthcare treatments and services.

Increase efficiency and reduce paper processing


P D Hinduja National Hospital And Medical Research Center faced following challenges prior implementing KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition

  • In-efficient and time consuming paper based processing of accounts.
  • Difficulties in document tracking


P D Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Center wanted to optimize the business processes and reduce paper usage and decrease carbon footprint. It implemented KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition with Electronic Workflow capabilities to route cash payment vouchers to the relevant workqueues within the solution.


The paper document is no longer moved around the business manually waiting to be approved and paid off. Ensuring that employees are paid on time and vouchers are no longer being lost.

All documentation is now being stored electronically and is no longer stored in filing cabinets. What were cramped offices with many filing cabinets the business now has additional space for expansion.

The number of staff required to process these documents has now reduced, allowing them to be work in more profitable areas of the business.

These features plus the plethora of other document management and control features have allowed them to improve control and transparency at work. KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition's advanced storage options and easy to use interface helped them transition over to KRYSTAL - DMS filing system easily. Audit trail helped them keep a track of what had been done, by whom and when.



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