Document Indexing

Quick and Simple Meta-data Tagging

Document Management System Repository or Library is used to centrally manage a pre-defined vocabulary ensuring that documents are indexes (tagged / classified) in a meaningful way when added or checked into the software. Building and managing this controlled vocabulary is essential in the process of implementing the Paperless Office.

Administrator can quickly add or edit customized index definitions for each type of document to be stored in the software. Example document types include; contracts, purchase orders, engineering documents or whatever type is required by the business to track.

Meta-data fields are then created and associated with different types of documents using Document Classes. It is these meta-data fields that users will use when indexing a document they are adding or checking into the system. For example the administrator may define the 'Invoice' document class to have 'Invoice Number' and 'Customer Name' index (meta-data) fields associated with it. When users add a document to the document class they will be prompted to add these index fields or meta-data fields.

It supports various index types associated with document meta data

  • String fields (For example : Customer Name, Project Name, etc.)
  • Date fields (For example : PO Date, Invoice Date, etc.)
  • Number fields (For example : Amount, Account Number, etc.)
  • Auto index fields
  • List fields(pick list) (For example : Product Type, Course Type, etc.)

KRYSTAL Document Management System also supports ad-hoc indexing or tagging of the documents by tags or labels. Document Tags are labels that users can add on documents to help them describe documents. Unlike subjects in the meta-data of the document, users don't have to choose tags in a closed list.

Users are free to apply the labels(tags) that describe the document best. Users can now use the tag cloud feature to find all documents that have the same tags.

Document Management Users can see the contents of files and index them with meta-data (facts about the files) on a single screen.

Document Indexing features

  • Side-by-side document preview and meta-data entry.
  • Multiple index (meta-data) types
  • Quick and simple
  • Ad-hoc document tagging with Document Tags


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