Document Sharing

Share documents using email, directly from Document Management Software

If you are spending lot of time attaching files to emails and sending multiple versions across your organization, there's a better way. Instead, you can start sharing documents with KRYSTAL DMS

Easily email documents or secured links to documents that are stored in the KRYSTAL Document Management Software. Documents can be emailed directly to team members, partners, suppliers, or customers.

When sending files, it is important to send the file in a manner that allows other users to access the information while keeping sensitive data safe.

KRYSTAL DMS - Enterprise Edition allows users to share documents as email attachment (less secure as anyone can open the document who have received the email) or as a web-link (view only version accessible only for specified number of hours).

Sharing features

  • Role-based and domain based security for restricted access to documents.
  • Shareable links that allow you to send files to external parties, such as clients or customers.
  • Track details of which document is shared, to whom, by whom, how and at when


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Whether your organization is looking to go paperless, manage digital content or automate document-driven processes, KRYSTAL DMS is the right Document Management System for your needs.

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